Zetsuen no Tempest - First Impressions

Yoshino is a popular but angsty high schooler. His best friend Mashiro has gone missing over the past month, looking to seek revenge for the death of his sister. As Yoshino begins to lose focus of what's important to himself, a mysterious agent of sorts threatens him with a gun. Mashiro comes back to save him, but many things about him are different.

First Impressions: For super powered fantasy junkies, this one could be a good one. High marks for visual presentation, but unfortunately, it seems that I've already seen this one before ... also sadly, this first episode is one of the better ones I've seen so far this season.

Similar to: (maybe about equal to) Darker than Black. The setup of the characters and world are nearly identical. There are a few differences given that this seems to be a two man story ...


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  2. Aika is pretty AVA sorry for spamming =x

    1. No problems; I also hope they explore her character a lot more as the series goes on.