Tonari No Kaibutsu-kun: First Impressions

A driven, studious, socially awkward girl meets her match when she's assigned to bring a homework assignment to an even more awkward classmate who's terrified of attending school.

As Shizuku soon discovers, contrary to Haru's sense of the world, it's acutally his violent and aloof tendencies that drive others away from him. That's not all though, the more she learns of him, the more she goes nuts over him in more ways than one.

First Impression: It's a spirited, screwball romantic comedy that I had fun watching. Some stupid gags, but I laughed all the same. I'm definitely looking forward to more.

I do have mixed feelings about the lead female seiyuu though, Haruka Tomatsu of recent Sword Art Online: Asuna fame - she's a little underwhelming in this first go around, but she's pulled off some extremely unique roles too, and the attitude here kind of fits the main character who is a little understated herself. Maybe it'll actually prove to be another great performance when all is said and done.

Other anime I'm reminded of: (better? than) Toradora!


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