Steelseries QcK+ Dota 2 Mouse/Card(?) pad

And finally, a look at my new DOTA 2 styled mousepad. I thought it's 17x15 product dimension listing was referring to a box was actually hoping for something slightly smaller; but nope, I was wrong, because it arrived with every inch as advertised and rolled up in blister packaging.

What else can I say, it looks pretty cool, and has the same smooth cloth finish up top as my previous pad. Which leads me to this point - it's so large and smooth that I wouldn't hesitate to also recommend it as a soft mat for card games. It's exactly the type of thing I always wish I had at Magic The Gathering tournaments so many, many years ago.

However, judging from the image I snapped above, it still might not be large enough to contain the greatness of a Picard/Riker combo.


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