Chuunibyou Demo Koi ga Shitai! - First Impressions

Quirky girl Rikka with Kamen Rider/Power Ranger-ish fantasies meets a likeminded fellow who has recently gone-into-hiding; that is, deciding that he wants to grow up, Yuuta starts a new life at a new high school - free from his embarrassing past life style. Now, the former "Dark Flame Master" must figure a way to survive high school (and Rikka) without reverting back to his former self in light of his new friends.

First Impressions: Maybe it was just a long night yesterday, but I actually forgot about this show entirely today until I went to collect screen caps ... that is, this seems to be fairly forgettable. Rikka's eccentricities are pretty mild, and sad to say, the lack of being a deity of some sort or tsudereness, puts her way behind any similar roles.

Similar to: (but worse) than Kannagi. A rough fit, and despite the whole quirky interloping girl genre, this one does have a bit of uniqueness to it.


  1. Nice & funny this anime is...