BTOOOM! - First Impressions

Ryota is a top ranked player in popular online game BTOOOM!, a Halo/Bomberman hybrid. One day he ends up a in jungle with a pack full of bombs and hazy memories about how he got there. Most likely, he was kidnapped by the game makers, and forced to survive a real life version of BTOOOM! For what reason is currently unknown.

First Impressions: Visuals / Audio are standard. The mystery is intriguing, and the format is actually reminiscent of Lost (yes, the US TV drama). I'll watch because anime like these usually have a nice cerebral element to them if nothing else.

Similar to: (but worse than) Gantz - both main characters are naturals at their respective games, but start off as cocky, reluctant wimps. But the setup puts it closer to (and worse than) Mirai Nikki, another survival game anime.