Movie Snippet: Chronicle

Chronicle (2012, Dane DeHaan, Alex Russel): Thumbs up.

The deck of life is stacked against main character Andrew. He's beaten up at home and at school, and struggles to get along with others. So what do you think happens after he gains amazing telekinetic powers? Certainly nothing good.

While not overwhelmingly original (this was like watching the home movies version of Darth Vader and Tetsuo ala Akira), I did like a few of the story elements from this movie. It rolls along quite nicely, and some of the soliloquies allows us get into Andrew's head as he spirals into madness.

Some things are not as nice though - the cgi was a mixed bag... sometimes it was pretty cool, and sometimes it looked of lesser quality, but I guess this wasn't a super budgeted movie. The side story of Andrew's cousin and friend, Matt could have used a much more development too.

Ultimately, like John Carter, I found that despite this movie's flaws, it did touch upon an interesting story, and I'm hoping that a sequel gets produced.


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