Tari Tari Initial Thoughts

Konatsu is a member of the school choir club until stage fright issues at a previous year's competition/recital gets her into the choir teacher's doghouse. After quitting, she is determined to form her own choir club, but has the daunting task to find five members and of overcoming her problems. Among them is a classmate recommended by her homeroom teacher with an even deeper musical trauma.

Initial Impressions: Finally, onto the good stuff. I have this one pegged as third on my list of most appealing anime I've watch this season so far. It's not K-On and has a more serious coming of age theme to it.

Comparisons to other recent anime: (looks like the studio that did) Hanasaku Iroha, a surprise hit in my books from last year. Hopefully it'll capture that some of that same magic.