Binbougami ga! Initial Thoughts

Sakura has been "overly" blessed in her life (wealth, stature, looks, etc) and draws the attention of the godddesses of misfortune. It turns out their her fortunate state is the result of an unconscious ability to absorb the luck of others. Enter Momiji, the goddess of poverty (with seemingly opposite powers), who must undo this force and restore balance to the world. Her first task: convincing a very unapologetic Sakura to willingly submit. Her second task: resorting to force. With her butler's life on the line, Sakura must decide on her fate.

Initial Impressions: Sakura and Momiji make up a surprisingly strong comedic, slapstick pair. The gags are just right, and the parodies (even of some very recent anime - Medaka Box) are very welcome. It's my early front runner for favorite anime of this season so far, but has some tough competition from Jinrui wa Suitai Shimashita and Tari Tari.

Comparison to other recent anime: (not as good as Maid-sama) I'm going out on a limb here, but I'll say the way the way Sakura reacts to Momiji reminds me of Misaki (minus the romantically charged undertones, but hey, you never know).