Arcana Famiglia Initial Thoughts

The 4th action oriented and 2nd italian named anime I've watched this season. The arcane family is an organization that protects some port town from trouble/smugglers/invaders but other than that, there seems to be a lot of competition and infighting from within. Each member makes a contract with an arcane entity and carries powers within them.

There's really not a lot to say, other than the princess of the family is being used as a prize of sorts for a competition that will decide the next successor of the family. All of this seems to hint at defeating some kind of prophesy of doom that will befall them.

Initial thoughts: There are a lot of characters, and I don't like half of them. The art styling is below average as well. Let's just say I don't have very high hopes for this one at all.

Comparison to other recent anime: (not as good as) Black Cat.


  1. I totally agree....