Mysterious Girlfriend X First Impressions

Mysterious Girlfriend X (Spring 2012)

Mysterious transfer student Mikoto Urabe shows up and takes a seat next to Akira Tsubaki. A little bit strange, unsocial, and prone to taking naps in between classes, most students seem content to leave Urabe alone. One day afterschool, Tsubaki attempts to wake up a sleeping Urabe and becomes enamored with their brief interaction; indeed, even after she leaves, he becomes intrigued by a puddle of drool left on her desk. One taste and their lives become entwined for better or for worse.

First Impression: This one is seriously weird and kinky. Dream and emotion sharing through the bonding of drool. I don't know what to say about that exactly, but as far as this anime goes, it's unexciting and not that funny.

I'm somewhat biased because Urabe isn't tsundere at all - she's just weird - which takes half the fun out of watching something like this. Now tsundere isn't a necessary element of a romance anime, and there have been plenty of 'weird girl' romances that are still fun to watch (a lot of recent student council anime come to mind), but I don't feel that Urabe's eccentricity is cute or endearing. I've also got a beef with this retro animation style, which is kind of a throwback to the 80's/90's, but there's no reason for it here ...

Overall, I'm not too thrilled with this one. If it goes longer than 12-13 episodes, I don't think I can take it.