Movie Snippet: The Avengers

The Avengers (2011, Robert Downey Jr, Samuel L, blah blah): Thumbs Up!

The Avengers will no doubt become one of the finest comic book movies ever. Ever since Samuel L. showed up as Nick Fury so many years ago, I had hoped they would go all the way and eventually adapt one of the best Avengers stories ever, the Chitauri invasion from the Ultimates Series One. And while this movie wasn't a 1:1 (but what do you expect, Hollywood scripts never are), it definitely hit the spot.

I liked the horse play and banter between the different superheroes, even though I disagree with the versions of Hawkeye and Black Widow they went with.

But the one criticism that I'll always hold for this Marvel movie universe is their absolutely horrible portrayal of Captain America. He doesn't have the presence or aura of the Civil War Capt. America, nor the edge of the Ultimates Cap; AND they keep messing up the parachutes. Sigh.

Parachutes are for girls