Kuroko no Basketball: First Impression

I've been waiting for this one - a post Slam Dunk anime about basketball that's actually good. I thought Dear Boys worked well as a manga, but their anime adaptation was horrible; Buzzer Beater was just horrible. Kuroko's Basketball seems to channel a little of Prince of Tennis (without completely going over the top) and fusing it with some decent basketball action.

One year after the dominant, so-called "Generation of Miracles" team graduates middle school, each prodigal member goes their separate way and high schools. Kuroko, the rumored sixth man (first substitute) of the Generation of Miracles, joins Seirin the High School Basketball team - a new school with very little history. After meeting fellow freshman Kagami, a physically talented, but raw player who grew up playing streetball in America, they vow to become the best in Japan. The only problem, the other members of the Generation of Miracles are all vying for the same title.

First Impression: As far as sports shonen anime go, this one has pretty standard animated sports sequences. Slam Dunk wasn't that great either, but it had a pretty unique art style; and Kuroko's Basketball is a tad more generic. There are some pretty flashes though, but not enough to make a difference in my opinion.

The Generation of Miracles setup sounds really awesome, but I don't like how Seirin's team looks pre-built from the get-go; it leaves little in terms of team development that made something like Slam Dunk so fun to watch. There also doesn't seem to be enough "starpower" on the team to give it enough depth.

So far, it's been fun to watch, but I'd be wary of its future developments.


  1. Personally speaking, I am seriously in love with kuroko no basket. It brings a humane aspect to sports that really makes the viewers understand the sport and the characters' development- both physically and mentally. One of my favorite aspects of the anime is the protagonist! He is so unique!In regards to ken's comment about being "wary of it's future developments" I'm not too worried. As of episode 18 everything is running smoothly and I'm excited to watch the next episode.

  2. I finished watching kuroko no basuke and its simply awesome. How I'd wish that there's a Season 2.

  3. I really want a season 2 as well. I'm also glad how they dispelled my concerns about the "pre-built team" & "starpower" issues heading towards the end :)