Jormungand: First Impressions

After last season's large rotation of so-so anime, I almost gave up watching anime completely (ok, maybe I'm exaggerating here). This current season is a completely different story; I keep finding surprises left and right, and Jormungand is definitely one of them.

A black humor anime about the life of an eccentric, but devilishly sly and mischievous, young arms dealer Koko Hekmatyar. A super charismatic leader of an elite mercenary group who act as her group of bodyguards, she travels around the globe fanning the flames of war in the name of world peace. It's hinted that she's got a much more sinister purpose in mind in selling weapons however, and it'll be interesting to see where this all goes.

First Impression: If you guys liked Black Lagoon, then Jormungand will be right up your ally; there's just something similar about their styles and attitudes that make them stand out amongst their peers. So far, we've seen them "work" governments, scheme their way out of unprofitable civil wars, and fend off assassination attempts; in just FOUR episodes.

Hopefully this one lives up to its great start, but for now, I'm a big fan of loco Koko.