Aquarion Evol: Amata x Zessica or Amata x Kagura?

Aquarion Evol was by far my favorite anime ... to pick on last season. This season, who knows? What I do know is that Aquarion started taking itself seriously again, and therefore resuming its slide into irrelevance. Lately then, I've come up with a game of sorts to keep myself interested - rooting for Zessica's pursuit of Amata.

Seriously, Zessica has tons more appeal than Mikono and she has the hots for Amata. Amata is pretty misguided for chasing after Mikono, considering that Mikono ranks below both Zessica and Mix as far as interesting female characters are concerned; but I guess that's par for course for Aquarion as a franchise. I thought both Apollo and Slyvie from the first series were both equally uninteresting.

Let's face the facts then; Mikono is pretty bland, boring, and whiny. Zessica was pretty headstrong and lively at first until this whole lovesickness thing took over her brains - although the whole powering up by tearing off their flightsuits might indicate that there is something even more sinister at work with their brains. Mikono is also destined for Kagura [caveat: if this follows the exact plot twist of the first aquarion, and it probably will, then we already know what probably happens here]. In fact, Amata could save them another 12,000 years of trouble if he just bowed out of the race.

The problem then is Amata himself. I think he likes being pursued by Zessica, and despite chasing after Mikono, I'm not convinced that she's the girl he's really after. He probably feels obligated because of his prior life as Apollonius, but he's probably got something going on for his mom too ...

I don't know, I really do feel that this whole series is a giant trainwreck that is just mesmerizing to me. In fact, even more interesting than Amata x Zessica might be Amata x Kagura; that's where this conversation would really get interesting, as I want to guess and spoil so badly, but posting potential spoilers really aren't my style.