Best Ending of the Week: Inu x Boku SS

Spoiler free!

At least a dozen series have ended - or placed on hiatus - in the last two weeks, a whopping ten of them this past week alone, including long time powerhouses like Bleach and Beelzebub and recent favorites like Chihayafuru and Daily Lives of High School Boys.

So out of all these, why did I pick Inu x Boku, a series that I already declared sub-average? Despite what I thought about the series as a whole, I feel that it still had the best ending for any series concluding this week (Nisemonogatari's ending from earlier this month still trumps it though).

What makes this ending special is that even though I knew what was going to happen, the series brought it about in a pretty nice and touching manner. Like many others, Inu X Boku SS episode 12 probably does not represent a true ending for the series and even hinted at a second season, but I felt that it gave the series a much needed kick after toying around for much of the last three months.

Hmph, it's not like I want to watch a second season, but if they made one, I might consider it.