Vanadium Water

I was particularly thirsty one afternoon somewhere in Tokyo and could not locate a vending machine, when I happened upon something curious: an ice cold bottle of Vanadium Water, apparently bottled from Mount Fuji, which is well known for ... it's vanadium? Hmm.

What in the world is Vanadium? Who knows, but as a traveler I had a responsibility to try it right? Let's see, the bottle says 150 micrograms per 1000 milliliters (a litter), then this 500 mil bottle contains 75 micrograms of this Vanadium stuff. Sweet. 75 micrograms of Vanadium later ...

And upon further research later that night, i.e. Wikipedia, I discovered that Vanadium is a "controversial dietary supplement" for increased insulin production with diabetic and bodybuilding applications. In other words, it *might* help with diabetes and/or help you build muscle after a workout. Not entirely trusting of this Wiki entry, I went deeper.

Here's an academic paper from the Chinese Journal of Geochemistry that studies the effects of Vanadium water on the inhabits of towns near Mount Fuji, but I'm lazy to read it! I think it says inconclusive at the end. Regardless, this Japanese mineral water blog seems to indicate that Vanadium water is a slightly softer type of mineral water and is "very mellow, and gentle" to drink.

So I guess by now, you're all dying to know if Mount Fuji Vanadium water lives up to its billing (and slightly premium cost). Well, if there was ever a mellower, gentler mineral water, I suppose this would be it. To be honest, I'm not sure, but it was nice and cold on a hot day.

Cheers to sweet, precious natural vanadium water!


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