Nisemonogatari 11 - Best of the Week

And with this episode, Nisemonogatari comes to a close (at least covering the source material of the light novel this anime adaption was based on). Certain elements of this episode really make me hyped up for the movie adaption of the prequel, when Shinobu and Araragi were at each other's throats, rather than doing this cute master / servant type shtick.

In particular, the scene where they are discussing Araragi's commitment to his sister Tsukihi while riding on together on Araragi's bike (on their way to the final showdown) is a really nice touch. There's a brief segment where we only see the motion of their shadows in the moonlight; and maybe I'm giving the Nisemonogatari crew a little too much credit, but I bet this visualization wasn't in the book, and it really romanticizes their unique relationship.

How they pull together at the end to "fight" Kagenui was also kind of unexpected, resulting with a calculated and understated conclusion. I'm sure conventionalist will pan it, but I think it fits right in with the personality of this anime. It's a really nice ending for this arc, although I really wish they could have given us just one more episode for epilogue's sake.