Nisemonogatari 10 :: Best of the Week

Best of the Week: Nisemonogatari Episode 10

Thanks to Bakuman this week, I've become aware of the concept of 'serious humor' in manga/anime, the art of being intentionally (but unintentionally) funny in otherwise serious situations.

Basically to be funny when people least expect it; and right on cue, Nisemonogatari delivers a huge dose of it when last arc's arch-villain randomly shows up in a Mr. Donuts shop having coffee and donuts, acting as businesslike as an arch-villain could possibly act.

Throw in some more shady sister hijinks, golden chocolate donut craving, a standoff with new monster hunters, and some other revelations, it's well deserving of distinction once again. I really don't know how many more times Nisemonogatari can win my top spot, but it's been on a tear with no signs of stopping.

This anime just stands way above the level of anything else out there right now in terms of ultra smart dialogue, crafty humor, and interesting characters that don't always behave the way you think they would.