outnerding myself this week [gibberish]

Amazingly enough, sometimes I still outnerd myself. This week's episode:

I installed Dragon Age II on PC and noticed in the Extras Section that if you also owned Dead Space 2 on PC, you can unlock the 'Ser Isaac DLC Armor' (looks like the Dead Space suit) for Dragon Age II.

After some research online, it seems you either (A) get the code on a slip from a physical copy of Dead Space 2 (which isn't the case for me) OR (B) somehow playing a multiplayer round with your EA account logged into it automatically gets it unlocked (unconfirmed by me). However ...

The third option, which is what I did - since I wanted the armor without the hassle of dl/ing the 10 GB Dead Space 2 game, installing, and playing it - (A) I installed EA Origin, (B) found that my Dragon Age 2 game already registered there; (C) registered my Dead Space 2 game with Origin too; (D) connected to EA live tech chat, waited 30 minutes, talked to the tech for 5 mins [super nerd kicker: all while writing tomorrow's blog entry], and (Bingo) got it enabled!

Apparently the DLC offer expires at the end of this month too. Fortunate on my part that Mass Effect 3 gave me an itch to play Dragon Age II this month.

So hot. I wish I were wearing a comic book guy t-shirt.

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