Movie Snippet: Warrior

Warrior (2011, Tom Hardy, Joel Edgarton, Nick Nolte): Thumbs Up!!

Wow. How do you sleep after watching this beast of a movie.

It's a little contrived for sure, but almost all of these Rocky type movies are. Only this one has more than one Rocky and more than heavy handed story to tell ... and they're brothers. Despite its predictability, the magic lies in the sustained suspense that draws the audience along for an amazing ride. The emotions exhibited by the lead actors just jump at you and doesn't let go even after that final bell rings.

From a serious film perspective, I think its lack of creativity (and brutal violence) denied it any real chance of winning awards, which I do understand and have to bitterly agree with. It's a shame it that relies a little heavily on its action heavy last hour, because I actually liked this movie more than I liked last year's "The Fighter", which managed to win both Supporting Role Oscars (Christian Bale and Melissa Leo) and a Best Picture nomination. It's a similar genre, but the Warrior just doesn't have the colorful characters that The Fighter gave us (or Mickey Rourke's Wrestler for that matter), but I felt the performances here were more real.

Despite its lack of Oscar nominations however, I'll still call Warrior a real man's Best Picture of the Year and award it with my coveted captain badass tag. Anyone who likes Rocky and underdogs will love this movie as well. Highly recommended!

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