Kicking it up a symphogear

After weeks of pining by me about no one doing anything, no less than four anime exploded this week with some interesting developments that will hopefully set them up well before the 12 to 13 episode mark. This doesn't necessarily put any of these into my second tier of anime this season, but rather for many of them, these episodes show that there's hope for them to beat mediocrity after all.

Senki Zesshou Symphogear Episode 10

I didn't realize how tsundere Karisu (Chris) was until this episode, coming out with the trademark blushing tsundere "I didn't come here to help because I wanted to" line. Sure, there are some sappy lines this episode and a few suspension of disbelief plot holes, but double-agenting sidestories and tsunderes always get me interested.

Highschool DxD Episode 10

First there was a heavier-than-it-needed-to-be team-gathering arc, with pervy undertones. Then there was the let's have fun with highschool character building episodes, with really pervy undertones notions. Now, we're exposed to a full-on Grimoire demon clan vs. Phoenix demon clan "ranking game", with sugoi pervy battle action.

Judging from what I know of these types of anime, the ending will either be rushed or never finished; but until then, Highschool DxD continually exceeds my expectations.

Mouretsu Pirates Episode 10

Captain Marika shows us her mettle as we get an in-depth glimpse into pirating warfare tactics, as long as it fits within the 8 hours a minor is allowed to work as a pirate captain. If Mouretsu Pirates were like this episode all the time, it would definitely sit in a higher tier.

Rinne no Lagrange Episode 10

Rinne no Lagrange has somewhat of an identity crisis, but we already knew that. It doesn't know whether it wants to be a mecha/space intrigue/highschooler drama, or even an unintentional / intentional comedy (it's done both). And despite it's convoluted, spastic storyline, it's also predictable.

So why do I bring this one up? This episode shows that if it just focuses for a moment, takes the energy down a notch (everyone was way, way too enthusiastic), it might actually be able to invoke some inspiration. Gambete.