In Time :: Movie Snippet

In Time (2011, Justin Timberlake, Amanda Seyfried): Thumbs Up

In Time stirs together an intriguing concept with a fatalistic twist. I wouldn't call it a great movie by any means, but its carpe diem message is effectively delivered.

Interestingly enough, more so than a lot of other movies I've seen recently, I think this movie evokes a lot of the required reading I did in highschool with a few gimmicks thrown in - which is both a good and bad thing. At its core, this movie is derivative and nothing new; it's very transparent in the way it tries to match characters to certain archetypes and very heavy in its storytelling. But hey, if you're going to copy, copy something good right?

Case in point, the chief Timekeeper ... from the classical standpoint, he demonstrates the dangers of obsessive, single-minded pursuits quite well. But he demonstrates this far too readily and as a result, his character lacks the complexity and depth to make him stand out. He's still pretty cool, but just really, really predictable.

"I’m a Timekeeper, I don’t concern myself with justice. I only concern myself with what I can measure: seconds, minutes, hours. I keep time."