Dragons and Craters and Cliffhangers - Anime this week

Nice to see Hilda, aka the Ice Queen, start warming up to Oga the past few weeks in Beelzebub.

This week, it was noteworthy to see two long running anime series, Beelzebub (episode 59) and Fairy Tail (episode 122) both using massive dragons as focal points in destroying entire masses of land (a school and an island). Albeit under different circumstances, both events also signify the beginning of the next story arc of their respective franchises.

I don't know where Beelzebub is going, since Oga pretty much wiped out everyone(?), but it looks like Fairy Tail is going to do a seven year time skip, which was due anytime now, considering they've pretty much beaten up all the top good and evil magic guilds of their current time period. Next time, actual dragon slaying for the dragon slayers?

[Update: I guess we do know where Beelzebub is going, on hiatus of unspecified time; word is that episode 60 is the final episode (for now?), seeing as the series has been overruning the manga even with intermittent fillers]

As for other anime happenings of note this week ...

Senki Zesshou Symphogear 11:

Karisu, in an homage (or a rip-off) of Gundam Seed, decided to pull out her Meteor mode guns AND dragoon system to stop the destruction of the moon. Nice, but I hope Karisu didn't blow herself up in the process ...

Highschool DxD 11:

This Rating game (battle arc) thing has been pretty cool. It's not super complicated or sophisticated, but did a good job giving each of the current characters a stage to shine on. I like the gutsiness and drive of the main guy Issei, but alas, all it earns him is a giant face-melting fireball to eat. But I too can understand the feeling of wanting to move heaven and earth for someone I'd care about. No comment on the constant wardrobe malfunctions of this series though.

Rinne no Lagrange, Another, and Bakuman are all also facing crisis-es; I can't wait to see all of them resolved (hopefully) in the upcoming week.


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