Batman Knightfall :: Road to Comic Con 2012

I gotta admit that I was pretty apprehensive about a Tom Hardy / Bane & Anne Hatheway / Catwoman casting for the third Christopher Nolan Batman movie, The Dark Knight Rises, and even more so after checking out some of their costumes. The dude certainly gets a pass because his vision for the first movie was pretty damn good (Liam Neeson as Ras Al Ghul, I wouldn't have thunk it). I didn't really like the Aaron Eekhart Two-Face thing all that much, but it kind of didn't matter because Heath Ledger put on a legendary Joker performance.

I guess we'll see how Dark Knight Rising turns out , but after watching Warrior, I have a little bit more confidence with Tom Hardy's Bane, although I still think he's still a little too small (and a little too one dimensional) for the role. Although this has so far been downplayed in every other form of media that Bane has made an appearance outside of the comic realm, Bane is supposed to be a warrior philosopher of sorts, engaging Batman in a game of Chess-Boxing. One round of a mental chess game followed by a round of physical domination. Call me skeptical.

Personally, I would have preferred the rumors of a Joseph Gordan-Levitt Riddler, given his connection to Nolan via Inception. As is, I'll have to "settle" for a big screen adaptation of the Batman's Knightfall series, which is only my second favorite Batman comic book arc of all time. I used to go to the local comic book store once a week just to see if the next one had come out (Batman has like 3-5 comic series out at any given time). The pre-internet days before you could look up release dates online was harsh.

But what's my favorite Batman arc of all time then? If you guys follow major Batman events and use a bit of Bat deduction power, then you'd figure out why I'd prefer a Riddler based story instead, but such a thing would be too awesome [probably safer for the universe though, because it probably couldn't contain the awesomeness of said mystery Batman arc]. Regardless, I have both series tucked away neatly in my personal comic book collection. If Nolan ever decides on a fourth movie (doubt it), then I hope they source out this one.

Coincidentally, this movie is scheduled to be released the week after Comic-Con in July. Gonna be an awesome month to be Batman fan.

This is article #2 of my Road to Comic-Con series.