Aquarion Evol 09 / Nisemonogatari 09 :: Best of the Week

Aquarion Evol 09 - Holes

Even after last week's mecha parody, I didn't seriously think that Aquarion would holey commit itself to that path. Yet for the second week in a row, they've embraced the humor of their new hole role. For now, I tip my hat towards them for hole-ding their course, but I'm curious to see hole far they take it. Sorry, I couldn't resist.

This week's episode nine features the pairing of Andy W. Horu, who's special element is to find weaknesses (he uses it to dig holes as a hobby), and Mix, who's special element is filling holes. All innuendo aside, ironically, it's Andy who ends up filling the hole in her heart. Kawaii ne?

My favorite quip from this episode: "Ana yori dango" - Boys(Bros) over holes, a play on popular manga/anime "Hana yori dango" - Boys over Flowers. Plus points for the tsukommi added to it. But wtf, is that even broadcast safe?

Nisemonogatari 09 - Shoulder Riding

Not content with brushing his little sister's teeth last week, this week Araragi wins a bet to ride on his sister's shoulder.

"I wonder from an outsider's perspective, who's acting stranger at the moment - the girl standing on top of a mailbox, or me, on top of my sister's shoulders. I think I'm at a disadvantage."

To the crazy mind of whoever writes this stuff, I approve. Also, Kanbaru in pigtails.