Ano Natsu & Inu x Boku - The Fork

When I first watched both Ano Natsu de Matteru and Inu x Boku SS, I already knew how they were going to turn out. I just knew it. Maybe not in terms of the exact plot details, but in terms of execution and likability. However, like all the other anime this season, I gave them a chance.

Unlike other anime that have managed to beat expectations for me, these two didn't make it, and I'm not even going to wait for their respective final episodes to declare it. Full reviews are forthcoming, but both of these anime, despite being light comedies, are just too emo for me; their characters are just unlikable.

BTW, I do like what Inu x Boku is hinting at in the teaser for its final episode, but all it does is make me even more sad because I have to say they've wasted such a great plot device on this anime.