Zojoji Temple & Tokyo Tower

Zojoji Temple near the base of Tokyo Tower

Even though it was founded in 1393, out of all the temples I've been to in Tokyo, Zojoji might have the most 'modern' feel for me. The outside courtyard is very open and spacious, and the temple itself has a renovated/restored/rebuilt feel where a lot of it looks new. As a bonus, it's a five to ten minute walk from the base of Tokyo Tower, although it took me a bit of effort to find the temple from the tower.

Pictures of Tokyo Tower are commonplace and the portrait aspect of most of my tower pics ruin my blog layout, so I put up a picture of the base building structure that houses a food area and several souvenir stands/stores.

Last but not least, I walked 5-10 minutes out from Zojoji and found a Mos Burger. I must go at least once a trip to try their seasonal specials.