Nisemonogatari 08 / Chihaya 20: Best of the Week

Nisemonogatari 08:

Araragi brushing Karen's teeth. Wow. Bakemonogatari/Nisemonogatari have always played their harem characters to extremes, but this episode is like legendary sis-con maniac status.

Chihaya Furu 20:

Overwhelmed by superior kurata / love rival Wataya, Taichi fights back with his man card once again.

Best of the Rest:

Ano Natsu de Matteru 07:

The Okinawan filming adventure concludes with two big confessions.

Daily Lives of High School Boys 07:

Not as dynamic as Nichijou, but pretty solid comedy.

Final words: As for all the other series, I really wish they'd do something interesting to stand out; I've been underwhelmed by the average-ness of it all the past few weeks.


  1. Nisemonogatari Episode. 8:

    Love toothbrush scene!!