Highschool DxD 7: Best of the Week

Highschool dxd 07:

It's still a pervy battle anime, but I'm slowly warming up to Highschool dxd. Rias maintains a cute (but not particularly strong) on-screen presence, and Issei is good for at least one laugh a week. This week, we're introduced to a rival, but friendly, demon gang who make up the student council. Of course, right?

Both teams have been actively recruiting new members and each of the newbies are in need of familiars, which are a limited resource. To decide who gets first dibs, they waive their usual demonic fare for highschool games (at least that's the intention). Overall, this episode was a good mix of fun / plot / and character building and deserves this week's award.

Best of the Rest (clockwise from the top left):

Chihaya Furu 19:

The entire team levels up at an individuals tournament, and Chihaya yearns to play their next team format. Taichi continues to struggle but is rewarded with some Chihaya time (sadly he's asleep).

Nisemonogatari 07:

Karen finally shows us some of her chops, while Senjougahara and Araragi have a showdown with her past and present enemy.

Daily Lives of High School Boys 06:

A lot of standalone scenes, but the boy's student council did get some focus.

Ano Natsu de Matteru 06:

I really don't understand the Kaito's appeal, but apparently he has a third girl after him too. Some good watchin' as girls one and two gang up on this new threat.

Final words: For me, Chihaya Furu and Nisemonogatari are the big boys on the block right now, while Daily Lives and Highschool DxD are quietly sneaking onto my top list week after week. And despite watching a pretty hefty sum of anime this season, I actually don't feel that there is a clear loser right now, the quality for the season is pretty good overall.