Aboat Board Game Fridays

Board Game Fridays

Joining my mission of spreading worldwide awareness of anime, game, and comic related things, I'll try to mix in some boardgame stuff too.

Content for this feature will depend on what's hot with my boardgame group, but Dominion has been dominating over the past year and looks to hold its position in the coming months. We have played some Carcasonne intermittently lately and other popular games include Settlers of Catan variants. We've also played some others on rare occasions, but those are few and far between and I'll take whatever comes my way.

One thing to note is that my board game group has a relatively large sized pool of players, so we tend to max out on number of allowed players in each game; this means that strategies I discuss and review will be more suited for 5-6 player games as opposed to 2-3 players. Just like texas hold-em is a completely different game heads up vs. open table play, many of these board games change drastically. This is very important to remember.

I'd love to cover basics of each game but I don't know what the demand here will be so it might not be the best use of my time; therefore I'll just come out guns blazing for people who know how these games work. Also, while I'll try my best to provide objective feedback for these weekly events, it'll still be from my point of view since it's too much of a hassle to ask what other people are thinking all the time. I can do my best to guess too :)