X-Men Sinister Observations Set Complete!

From the X-Men Ultra Fleer '95 series, "Sinister Observations" is a ten card chase set featuring some pretty cool art from Julie Bell and Boris Vallejo, two of the best fantasy artists that I know of.

What is so special? Because I've finally completed my set after 16+ years, picking up the final 3 that I've been missing. I just randomly noticed an inserts binder at a collectibles show that just randomly happened to be at the mall that I was shopping at today. It contained maybe 3/4 of the set, and it took me a few minutes to recall the ones that I needed. I took a best guess and got all three correct. I then had to dig through my closet to look for the rest and dust them off ...

I know that e-bay and online shopping makes card hunting an obsolete thing of the past, but I never bothered to finish these guys off before today. It was actually kind of exciting when I spotted these because it reminded me of a distant past when I went to these things like once-a-year trying to cobble together these chase card collections from my meager allowance.