Trophy Unlocked: 1000 hours spent on gaming in 2011

Hard to believe it, but I spent over 1000+ hours on gaming last year, which is probably the first time I've done so in my lifetime.

Top 5 gaming time sinks for me in 2011:

(1) League of Legends - 600 hours
(2) Starcraft 2 - 200 hours
(3) Marvel vs. Capcom 3 - 60 hours
(4) Fifa 12 - 40 hours
(5) Mortal Kombat - 30 hours

It really drops off after Starcraft, but how many hours can you realistically dedicate on other games if you spend 800 on the first two. What's crazy is that I logged the majority of my starcraft hours in 2010. Ah, fond memories: (500 Wins, 300 Loses). Unfortunately, I'm left with a giant game of catch-up for nearly EVERY major release that came out in 2011.

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