Painting: Ladies vs Ken

I got a request for a "Picasso-like" piece. Well, I am no Picasso, but I tried.

For this piece, I really wanted to play with base colors and just get a feel for how to blend them. I experimented with different methods and as you go from low to high, you can see a distinct difference in the way it happens. I thought that this would lead to a vertical imbalance, so to divert attention, I also did a left to right traffic light scheme.

After the background was done, I added the subjects; a fiery ladybug and looming entity done in an abstract manner. The spiral contained within it indicates confusion towards the subject opposite its path, while its lack of color further reinforces the indecisive nature of its being.

It wasn't meant to turn out this way, but given that interpretation, I couldn't help but title it the way I did.