Painting: Anger / Smurfette

What I wanted was to express in this piece is the anger and subtle sadness that comes from a breakup of a relationship that one had high hopes for (but mostly the part where you start wigging out).

The wild, unstable feel of the lines in the piece mirrors all the irrational stuff that one might say or feel during the breakup conversation [not implying that I did any of these things written here at all]. The overall form of the face in the center expresses the disbelief and panic of the situation. At the same time, I wanted to give the message some context, so I attempted to incorporate a female form into it. And rather than do it separately, I decided to transpose the images like a rorschach.

Why two colors? Most of the abstracts I studied make use of a dozen or so colors, but I stuck with two colors because I wanted to concentrate more on the form and expression for this one as opposed to anything else. It also helped relieve one of the main challenges I was facing: to give the piece a better composition. Since I was attempting to impose the elements of a face (eyes, eyebrows, nose, mouth, teeth, a tongue) over a humanoid form (hair, body, arms, legs), the two color scheme helped to dissect the face into halves as well as dissecting the humanoid into a smurflike image.

Hope you all enjoy; I'm experimenting still, so the next couple are all going to be different styles. And hopefully I won't lose interest by the end of this month :/