Nisemonogatari: First Impressions

A much anticipated sequel (at least to me) to the brilliant Bakemonogatari. Araragi carries residual vampiric powers which basically allows him to take all sorts of punishment but heal up relatively quickly. With that premise, he continues to become involved in the supernatural undergoings and picks up a few girlfriends (just one official one though) along the way.

First impressions: The first two episodes opens up by featuring heavy wordplay and heavy flirting with Araragi's various female associates. The opening sequence with a rather sadistic Senjougahara is pretty hot, but again, there's not much going on in terms of mysteries or monsters. The art style is still as nice as always, smooth characters contrasted by sharp yet simple backgrounds; although they seem to be playing with the lens flares a little too much (I started noticing this towards the end of season one too).

I'll give this one some slack, but I really hope it finishes its servicing detour and gets back to its curse investigating roots.


  1. not much going on in terms of mystery...

    I guess you know why he's chained up then