Highschool DxD: First Impressions

Hyodo Issei is a typical highschool pervert who happens to possess something called a 'Sacred Gear'; because of it, he's preyed upon by a demoness who goes on a date with him, only to kill him afterwards, quoting the danger that he poses to all demonkind. All of this is noticed by Rias Grimoire, another demoness, who revives him as a servant, unbeknownst to him.

First Impression: Subtlety doesn't seem to be this anime's thing, it's pretty sketchy right off the bat. Beyond that, it seems like it's going to be a poor man's Princess Resurrection. The ED indicates that this might go the way of a harem as well. Its debut was pretty forgettable, but we'll see. I really hope the 'Sacred Gear' is a fighting instrument and not something else ...

Update: Subtlety really isn't this anime's thing ^_^ However, halfway to the thirteen episode mark, Highschool DxD is gradually exceeding the expectations that I put on it nearly two months ago. While the comparison to Princess Resurrection still stands, a more diverse character set and better story concepts (a demon's chess game in the midst of a three way war) might actually put this newer one over the prior.

The sacred gear concept has been expanded upon and they've been mixing in some fun highschool x magic spots as well. I also expected Rias to be tsundere, but she's been the complete opposite so far, which has made this "harem king"'s quest a little too easy, imho.