Gunnar Talon Sunglass Review

I couldn't find very many reviews for these Gunnar "talon" styled sunglasses, let alone reviews for Gunnar sunglasses, but I went ahead and purchased a pair anyways from the Gunnar website. The confirmation email was pretty light on details (no shipping notification either), but I ended up getting my glasses in the mail within 4 or 5 days (can't remember) in mid-december, which I consider pretty damn fast. At $150 a pop, they weren't cheap but after shopping for designer sunglasses online and at the mall, I actually figured out that they were competitively priced.

My review after the jump.

They have lots of different styles, but since the main purpose of these sunglasses is for driving to work everyday (about 30 minutes each time), I went with something sportier and chose the "Talon" model frames. It's rimless design stands out and the construction is fairly solid, but like any pair of expensive sunglasses, I wouldn't want to twist or sit on them to test otherwise. More importantly it looks cool. It has just a slight reflective tint on the exterior facing side of the lens, but unlike some other sunglasses, you can actually view right through them as shown in my picture above.

So the big question is how do they perform? I would say pretty damn well. I've been driving with them on for the past month and I really like the results. The image from my drivers seat remains bright, there's a sharp color contrast effect (might be in my head), and it does a good job of stopping glare from the sun and my windshields. The tinting effect is really nice - in fact, it's a very subtle tint compared to my roughly equivalent priced Ray-Bans. Sometimes I forget that I even have them on because it's a very clean visual experience. Unfortunately it's winter here in California and I haven't had a chance to try it out during a sun-setting drive home or on a really really bright rainy day.

There's only one flaw that I can come up with, and it has to do with the design of the talon sunglasses and its compatibility with the shape of my face. The lenses barely cover my field of vision (vertically), so there can be some "leakage" from the outside top/bottom. This mainly occurs when I first put them on and my eyes haven't adjusted to driving mode. Once I start concentrating on looking forward, it's not noticeable anymore. Probably not a problem for all individuals, and also probably not a concern for models with "taller" frames. Ah, the things I put up with for style.

I don't buy sunglasses often (maybe once every 2-3 years), but between these and my Ray-Bans, I would choose these every-time. The lenses just feel superior to me, which is exactly what I was hoping for from this brand.


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