Best of the week: Nisemonogatari 04

Nisemonogatari 04:
The (re)introduction of Shinobu, the vampire that gave Araragi his powers; there's history between the two (both violent and romantic perhaps) that was briefly revealed in the first episode of Bakemonogatari and will probably be the subject of an upcoming prequel type movie this year. It also doesn't hurt that this episode puts the previous three into perspective with a core story thread.

Runner ups:

Daily Lives of High School Boys 03: Actually this episode was a letdown, until the last segment (Highschool girls are funky) cracked me up. A subtle / literal jab at the recent trend of moe high school animes.

Rinne no Lagrange 03/04: I'm going to group these because episode 3 was just so full of unintentional humor (again) that I'm beginning to think otherwise. Maybe the writers just have an extreme sense of tongue-in-cheek humor? Confounding this discovery is the more conventional klutzy waitress scene in episode 4 ... I can't make heads or tails of what they're trying to do but out of all the comedies this season, this one actually tops most of them, intentionally or not. There's "old school" mixed with "cheeky" feel about this anime that makes me appreciate it just a little bit more each time.