Hard Disk Failure

Hard drive failures are never easy to take :/ In my case, I had a feeling it was going to happen soon, and I managed to procure a 3 TB external drive during Black Friday weekend on the cheap and backed up most of my data. This was the first Western Digital drive I've ever owned that has failed; previously it was three Seagates.

Sad that it was a 1.5TB green edition drive, because:
a) I thought that lower power consumption would lead to a longer life span.
b) It was primarily a storage drive and was not used for daily read/writes (other than Itunes).
c) It was my primary storage drive and had most of my data.
c) I'm pretty sure it's less than 2 years old.

What's more unfortunate is during an attempt to backup my music collection, it hung, crashed Windows, and on a forced re-boot managed to corrupt the Windows startup files too. After getting extremely slow/no response using a Win7 install disc trying to get to the system repair tool (black screen after loading files from disc - once out of 10 attempts, I got to the win7 repair screen after waiting 15 minutes, but it hung after I got to the system repair screen), I tried disabling the bad HD in BIOS but nothing changed. 3 hours and 24+ reboots later, I bit the bullet and decided to physically disconnect the bad drive + all other USB components (which means disconnecting all cables and dragging the PC out of its cabinet). But you know what? Something stupidly simple like that was all it needed. Win7 startup disk loaded up in a matter of moments and system repair did its thing, and now I can blog again. Big sigh.

Anyways, given how much I like my new external usb 3.0 drive, I'm going to be wary of going the internal storage route again; especially with these 1.5 TB drives which I always felt were poorly designed compared to the 2TB or 3TB platter arrangements and also with drives bearing the 'green' moniker which is just stupid marketing for slower drives (which I fell and paid for).

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