Site Modifications

Yes, I am shocked and amazed that I actually got around to rearranging some of the things on my site. Nothing drastic, just moving some page elements here and there. You'd be kinda amazed how intricate a science that website user interaction is; so along those lines, I did some adding and re-arranging on the navigation bar too. I decided to rename 'stuff' to 'treasures' since 'stuff' didn't seem to resonate with you all very well.

As the new year approaches, maybe I'll get around to producing that reviews database that I always wanted, especially now that I hear Google app engine supports mysql. Also as Google+ gets more tools, I may start integrating more of that here as well. We'll see.

Finally, new visitors to my site should dig around read some of my weeklys.  These weeklys give me an outlet for everything that I want to say outside of "episodes" or "series", kind of like a 'between-the-lines' type thing.  I hope people have as much fun reading them as I have writing them.