The List: October 2011

I will attempt to rank the anime that I watch based on their performance that month. Given the recent time and energy I've been spending on Star Trek and movies, it's a little unfair to keep such a list since I won't be as thorough and inclusive as I might have been a year or two ago.  If it's not on my list, then I'm not watching it.  Then again, my situation has caused me to be a bit more selective. So maybe this will work out afterall ...

1. Ben To. 
2. Bakuman Season 2. 
3. Beelzebub 
4. Ika Musume Season 2 
5. One Piece 
6. Chihayafuru 
7. Working!! 
8. Mayo Chiki! 
9. Bleach 
10. Fairy Tail 
11. Penguin Drum 


  •  Ben-to continues to prove I may have no standards.  
  • I feel like I might be overrating Chiyafuru, it's got the characters, but not the story (Ben To is different. It's not meant to be taken seriously). 
  •  Beelzebub's 4 episodes in October far exceeded the other long running Shounens (OP, Bleach, Fairy Tail, Naruto).
  • I'm probably missing out on Fate/Zero.  However, I have been waiting for this series for YEARS.  I am afraid that I might be disappointed if I finally watch it.