Star Trek TNG: Kenholic Log Zero-Zero-Four

Uniform tugging.  I completely missed out on this altogether all these years, and while I immediately noticed it in my go through for season 1, I didn't know what to say.  How could I have been so blind.  After four seasons, I can safely conclude that the act of tugging on one's own uniform is a message that conveys a mix  between "time to get serious" and "here's the finger, you alien invader/ship malfunction/space-time thing".

At first it was just Picard, then somewhere in season 2 or 3, Riker begins doing it too.  In season four, Geordi begins as well.  I have yet to spot Data tug his uniform, but I will keep a watchful eye from now own.  Anyways, without further ado ...

My favorite episodes from Season Four:

S4, 1: The Best of Both Worlds Pt 2: Picard/Borg Saga.
S4, 2: Family: Picard/Borg Saga Epilogue.
S4, 5: Remember Me: The first of many crew-centric episodes this season
*S4, 7: Reunion: More Worf + Klingon Empire drama.
S4, 13: Devil's Due: The devil comes to collect on a 1000 year old agreement.
S4, 14: Clues: Data is a liar.  This episode is kinda like Memento, without the tattoos.
*S4, 20: Qpid: Q re-enacts Robin Hood.  Worf: "I am not a merry man."
S4, 21: Drumhead:  Picard's face when he's accused of being a Romulan conspirator is priceless.
*S4, 26: Redemption, Part 1: I hate how they always save the best for last.

Picard's rebuttal to the charge of spying for Romulans

Trends I picked up from watching this season:
  • If you observe and critique like I do, you will notice that Picard sometimes has bad hair days.  I know, it's crazy, Picard has almost no hair.  But he does have hair and on odd scenes here and there, you will clearly see strands of them poking out wantonly like lint.  
  • Data continues to be immune to plagues, viruses, radiation, space phenomena, and errant arrows that drives everyone on board to the brink of death.  I'm pretty sure Data has also a galactic maphack program.  Just ask the Borg and the Romulans.
  • Picard is the best pilot/helmsman on the Enterprise.
  • Troi is a diva afterall. 
  • Wesley and Picard missions always ends up in near death situations for Picard - I guess that's why he hates kids. 
  • Kurn (Worf's brother) is a pretty damn cool Klingon.

Picard's Bad Hair Day

Trivia Notes:
  • Continuing the practice of reusing actors.  The actress who plays Dr. Leah Brahms later shows up in Deep Space 9 as Cmdr. Benteen, and was the frontrunner for Captain Janeway of Voyager until the studio nixed it.  She was later auditioned for the Seven of Nine role.  
  • In S4, 22, I wonder to myself again, "why does she look so familiar?"  Because, Evil Miss Dara shows up in later seasons as Miss Ensign Ro.  Upon further examination, Ro was planned to be a main character in both Deep Space Nine and Voyager, but the role was declined by the actress.  Hence, Kira Nerys was invented.
  • I'm almost certain that the three Klingon ship CG used in S4,7 (Reunion) was reused for S4,24 (Mind's Eye).  I really wish they would at least stagger the use of stock CG by season.  On that note, they have reused the same probe launch CG since S1, but I think they use it once per season.  

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