Star Trek TNG: Kenholic Log Zero-Zero-One

So I started watching Star Trek TNG in its entirety on Netflix. Great opportunity since it's something I've always wanted to do; I've been wanting to get the box sets on Amazon for years, and this will save me some money and from the pain of disc swapping.

After watching the first three seasons, I came to realize that I actually didn't miss many of the episodes. In fact, it was surprising to me that I've already seen most of them ... However, I must say that it is a unique experience to watch them in chronological order and to witness a sense of growth in both the crew and the universe. 

 That said, I've made a note of my favorite episodes from each of the first three seasons, and have starred off the ones that could be in my top 10-20. But I'm getting ahead of myself here.  I've also made some quick notes of trends I've observed and didn't pick up on when I was younger, and also things I learned from wiki sites after querying some of the peculiar things I noticed.

Season One:
S1: 1&2, Encounter at Farpoint: Pilot, Introductions, and Q
S1: 8, Justice: Wesley is condemned to death, Picard chooses to violate Prime Directive to rescue.
S1: 10, Hide and Q: Riker is invited to join the Q.
*S1: 25, Conspiracy: Picard and Riker save the entire Federation from alien invasion.  [So many things wrong with this episode ...]

Trends I picked up: Picard hates children. Wesley is a prodigy (I always thought he was just nosy).  Data is OP.
Trivia Notes I discovered: The aliens in "Conspiracy" were retconned into mutated Trill, the symbiotes later featured in DS9. 

Season Two:
S2: 3, Elementary, Dear Data: Doctor Pulaski challenges Data to solve a Sherlock Holmes type mystery.
*S2: 8, A Matter of Honor: Riker joins an officer exchange program and is assigned to a Klingon Vessel.
S2: 11, Contagion: Stand off with an alien computer virus and a Romulan Warbird.
S2: 13, Time Squared: Future Picard is crazy!
S2: 15, Q Who: Borg Debut, thanks to Q.

Trends I picked up: Pulaski is a robot hater.  Pulaski and Picard are natural enemies.  Q and Guinan seem to be of equal standing and have an adversarial/comedic relationship. Data is OP.
Trivia Notes: The show reuses actors, but in different roles/aliens (can't fool me!).  The Vulcan doctor in S2:6 is the same actress who plays Worf's former half Klingon/Human lover in S2:20.

Season Three:
S3: 2, Ensigns of Command: Data must negotiate an evacuation of a colony.
S3: 4, Who watches the Watchers: "The Picard is all powerful.  We must not anger the Picard."
*S3: 10, The Defector: Romulan Spy Games. 
*S3: 13, Deja Q: Q is kicked out of the continuum and is human.
*S3: 15, Yesterday's Enterprise: The Enterprise C shows up in the present, timeline is altered.
S3: 17, Sins of the Father: Klingon conspiracy theories.
S3: 26, The Best of Both Worlds Pt1: The Picard/Borg saga begins. 

Trends: Picard hates children and is a crappy painter and hates vacation.  According to Q, it is difficult to work with others when you're omnipotent. Data is OP.
Trivia Notes: The actress who plays Leah Brohms in S3: 6, Booby Trap, was going to be Captain Janeway in Voyager, until the studio axed the casting call, citing the fact that she was too young.

Finally: "The Borg have no courage and no honor." - for that quote, Worf wins my coveted "that doesn't help at all" award.

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