League of Legends /w Doublelift!

I never play ranked, so I will almost never get a chance to play with the pros. But tonight I got queued into a game THE Doublelift (currently ranked #10 in NA, was ranked top 5 at some point).

So cool. He was testing Talon in normals because he hadn't played a week according to his stream, which I showed up on! I was playing support as Janna - thugatron. ~1100 ppl got to see me in periphery. Doublecool.

It means my regular ELO might not be so bad ...

[Update] It sucks that I've long quited this game now, after finally getting to a point where I was decent, but you can see some of my other League of Legends celebrity sightings I had with Xpecial and Elementz.


  1. haha lucky you! Also, nice background!

  2. that's not doublelift

    thats someone who put the curse name in front of double lift whos actually neither of them