Kenholic Weekly #6: A weekly to see if this still works

Tenjo Tenge Viz Edition vol.01, Wallflower vol.25 and Ouran Host Club vol.16. On one hand, I've waiting for these for a long time so it's awesome to finally have them, on the other, it's kinda harsh that they all came out at once, because I'm just gonna burn through them. I guess the answer is to read more series to guarantee me a new manga a week? Let's see, these things come out like once every two or three months, so that's 12 weeks, so I just need to

Tenjo Tenge is one of my personal favorites, but didn't really dig the censored DC version. After DC went out of the manga biz and gave up their licenses, this was the one that I wished the most to get picked up again, with a better publisher. I googled for months waiting for news or rumors for it to happen. This one was just too good for it to die like that. So here it is, years later, the 17+ raw, unedited version! One of the best fighting manga ever. So epic.

Also, my two of favorite reverse harem manga... Ouran and Yamatonadeshiko. Harems are good no matter what?

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