Kenholic Weekly #5: Magical Girl Raaaaage Edition

I thought I'd just take a break from the comic book rants and address something a little bit more pressing: magical girls with anger management issues.

There's just no avoiding it this season, these magical girls are in your face and they're tearing up the place. If they aren't beating up zombies and demanding kisses in one anime series, they're smashing their opponents into pulps and turning on each other. What turn of events could have possibly led up all of this? The sudden existence of a male mahou shoujo?

Maybe disturbances from one magical girl universe are breaking time/space and subconsciously affecting other magical girl universes, and this effect is amplified as the ripple of insanity spreads. Their powers seem to be of a cosmic nature, afterall. That's a pretty good theory, but I don't know. Or maybe the sudden popularity of moe girl school life has put the squeeze on this has-been genre and these girls are now crying out for attention. Maybe a mix of both theories? These moe blobs are channeling all of the pure intentions of the multiverses and this is a just a natural cosmic balancing act. Perhaps it's just very high level social commentary symbolizing the continual corruption of our youth over time. Maybe I'm also going insane as a result? That's no excuse, though; since we all should have seen this coming. Afterall, Ore no Imouto's Kuroneko warned us of their contrarian nature not too long ago:

She wisely notes: "This girl can unleash giant attacks on her opponents with a smile on her face. Disturbing." I certainly agree with her analysis. Most of the time they claim they are banishing evil but just think of their methods - it usually results in the disintegration of their foes. How did we not see this before? Maybe we were blinded by their shiny, bright transformation scenes and talking animal pals.

Now these talking animals are revealing their true nature to us: evil incarnates. By empowering these girls, they are actually turning them into super fighting machines capable of leveling cities. But then again, perhaps this is a just recent trend; what ever happened to the pure hearted ones like Nanoha-chan? Where exactly did it all go wrong? To really answer this question, some more research must be done on the subject. In the end, this rant has left me with more questions than it's answered ... how am I going to sleep at night.

Finally, an aside since I got on the topic of Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha, but could Freezing be considered a magical girl anime? This came to mind when watching one of the uniform to battle outfit transformation scenes from last week, which are characteristic of magical girl anime. And instead of magical wands, they summon huge weapons; which actually isn't that different from Magical Girl Nanoha; especially the Strikers series. But also like Strikers, Satella might be too old to be considered a magical girl though ... I would consider Freezing to be more of a sentai anime (think Power Rangers) but just more food for thought.