Japanese Wagyu in Hokkaido

One of my favorite meals during my trip; I found a nice place with a raw wagyu chirashi (raw beef over sushi rice - with a dash of washabi) and a wagyu sukiyaki (beef and vegetable hot pot). Wagyu beef is characterized by it's extreme marbling, and is extremely soft and silky and omg melty. Kobe beef is one of the more well known breeds of wagyu, but really I don't know what kind of wagyu I ate. From what I gathered with my grade school level Japanese, all I know is that it was raised by a local farmer who the restaurant gave me his name/address in case I wanted to talk to him! It really was some of the tastiest beef I've ever eaten too, I would reckon better than some of the hundred dollar+ steaks I've eaten in the US - not that I eat those often, haha - for roughly half the price. The potatoes were unbelievably good too. Oishiiiiiii!

I really don't know what it is about the produce there [in Hokkaido], but they are all really, really tasty. The soil? Lack of chemicals? Farm fresh? Prices are generally higher too, so it could be a case of you get what you pay for, but I wouldn't even know where to shop for some of this stuff locally unless you were some kinda fancy restaurant owner, because none of the stuff at supermarkets or farmer's markets here in California resemble the quality of the stuff that I saw there. What ever they are doing, they have their priorities straight, haha.

I just can't believe that there are places in this world where the level of food is just mind boggling. Makes me wonder what I'm doing here when I should be trying to figure out how to gain permanent residency over there.

Some more pictures of the neighboring area too:

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  1. What say you: wagyu chirashi or whale?