Best of the week: Beelzebub 09

Imagine that, another show that I was down on earlier this year has started to pick up. The introduction of Aoi Kunieda to the anime has really improved it, but based on the OVA one-shot, I don't know how much of an impact she will ultimately play. Anyways, parts of this episode were really fun to watch, especially Aoi vs. Hilda.

Some jealousy reaction shots from around the anime multiverses from this week:

Runner-ups: Narrowly beaten this week were: Infinite Stratos 09 (a good beach episode? whhaaat?) and Kimi ni Todoke 08 (lots of cute Sawako shots for her introspection episode).

Stinker of the week: Level E 08. I found the beginning of this arc lacking the edge of its predecessors, probably because Baka Prince wasn't involved much.


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