Nodame vs. Sapporo vs. My Stomach

Been a little slow to put up pictures of the Japan leg of my trip partly because I didn't keep nearly as good notes and partly because I drove around Hokkaido A LOT. As a result, my pictures are all jumbled, and just trying to organize them drives me away from dealing with them.

However, this should be fun. From Hong Kong, I flew to Tokyo Haneda and took a transfer flight to Sapporo New Chitose (I think). Sapporo was my a primary target because I wanted to fulfill a life goal. There is a brief segment Nodame Cantabile featuring Sapporo (which runs less than 3 minutes), but here is my meager attempt to hunt down some of the landmarks and items of note.

Nodame: Sapporo Tower, with view of statue, fountain, and M building.

Real Life: Replicated from the wrong viewpoint, derp.

Nodame: A hairier crab and a spiny one

Real Life: Both types in one shot!

Nodame: Sapporo Clock Tower

Real Life: The real one looks just like the one in the anime.

Nodame: Melon with a T shaped top. Layered cake next to melon.

Real Life: Check.

And double check!

Mwahahaha. For the record, I also bought one of everything pictured and ate them all. Some of the most delicious stuff on the planet. Don't underestimate the power of an anime fanboy foodie.