Magical Girls Just Got Real, i.e. Kyubei = Jigsaw

Wowee, what a crazy pair of episode 6's for the mahou shoujou duo of Puella Magi Madoka and Yumekui Merry. I guess there's life (and death, haha) for these animes afterall.

While Merry is heating up due the introduction of warring demon factions, Madoka is on a whole other level. Kyubei is so ambivalently cold that I can't help but cheer that little evil bastard on now. I'm not surprised that it came to this, but I'm surprised that it all happened this quickly and this sharply since the premiere. I now realize that I just saw Madoka in the wrong light; you weren't supposed to be rooting for the good guys, because that would be depressing and boring, when instead you could be treating this anime like a Saw movie - basking in its deliciously futile and twisted machinations.

In reference to my earlier post about this anime series, I'd say that Kyubei just donned a cape and a mask. I hope it keeps the good times - among other things - rolling.